Jun 17, 2019
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Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility through systematic Health, Safety and Environmental management and control is now one of the major issues for commercial organisations.  Business activities are facing unprecedented change, especially as they see the influence of legislative controls burgeoning along with public and consumer pressures in the achievement of sustainable development.

Secondary commercial pressure is already increasing from the financial sector and includes lenders, creditors and insurers. With customers, employees and local authorities adding their influence, the pressure from all stakeholders is unremitting.

In an increasingly stakeholder driven commercial environment, organisations may find their services, developments and products the subject of performance driven assessments, not only in terms of the health and safety of people, but also environmental and social assessments with possible rejection on HSE grounds.

This means industry must pay much greater attention to its impact on people and the environment and be aware of the impact growing external pressures will have on its business activities. But while it is important to have due concern for people and the environment "within the fence", it is also important to understand the perspectives of all stakeholders outside - legislators, pressure groups, as well as those who make recommendations and assist the implementation of new practices. It is already a matter of record that emerging legislative demands require organisations to use external sources to understand complex HSE issues. Safety cases, environmental impact assessment, industrial hazard control, community and social responsibility are all clear examples.

Often the advice is inadequate, expensive and if incorrect the results can be costly. This is one area where an independent advisor providing expert and impartial advice can prove indispensable in providing guidance and awareness, developing performance and compliance strategies and implementation, training and professional and technical assistance.


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