Company Profile

Borthwick and Associates is an independent health, safety and environmental (HSE) adviser providing specialist services principally to the international oil and gas industry, as well as to government and non-governmental organisations, shipping, insurance and the legal sectors.

The objectives are to provide independent professional advice for socially responsible organisations, a systematic approach to complex issues, and assistance in achieving sustainable HSE performance.

The company has been involved with health, safety and environment for over 30 years and has extensive experience of the oil and gas industry, its processes and procedures, and its HSE issues and problems. Our experience includes frontier, developing and mature provinces in over 30 countries, spanning five continents. Assignments have included strategic and management advice at corporate and senior levels, and hands-on practical solutions to operational problems onsite. Our clients include integrated, multi-national and national oil companies, the independents, and regulatory and non-governmental organisations.

The Company was established in 1992 by Dr Ian Borthwick, who previously held senior posts in industry with BP and Sun Oil; and as a regulator with the Canadian Energy, Mines and Resources Department. Our Associates possess a wide range of specialist expertise in all facets of environment, health and safety disciplines, with backgrounds in the oil and gas industry, maritime and shipping, government and non-governmental organisations, military and academia.

Initially an environmental practice, recent expansion now enables Borthwick and Associates to offer specialist advice in safety and health, as well as environmental issues.